floating cinema

The project proposes a floating cinema on a chosen abandoned location, which helps to repopulate the site and opens a new entertainment programme for the community of Peninsula.

The plan drawing of the floating cinema demonstrates how the floating cinema submerges within the urban context and shows how the floating cinema allows the users of the site to enjoy the experience of the fantasy world while being in the present real world.

The drawing explores how seating deck seats on top of the water use the steel beams that reach the bottom of the ground floor of the pond’s water bed. The proposed elevation drawing explores the relation of set out overlooking into the water, people and boats’ movement within the proposed

The cinema pod’s elevation drawing demonstrates the outdoor and indoor services and the materiality picked for each particular part of the structure.

The sectional illustration shows the indoor seating arrangement used in relation to the open outdoor seating deck cinema option, all located right on top of the water.

This drawing demonstrates how internal services will be run through the interior floors to give thermal comfort within the indoor and outdoor cinema seating space.

The visualisation demonstrates how the floating cinema pod will be imagined if it was a live project and how it will sit in relation to the water. More importantly, how lighting generated from the screen will be used to drag the users’ attention to floating cinema.

The proposed section demonstrates the activities that the users will take in order to get access to the cafe and order snacks before they enter the cinema.

The renders of the floating cinema demonstrate the exterior and the floating cinema from different parts of the site, showing how the screen has been set to achieve these views of the virtual reality world and the real world activities behind the screen.

It also gives insight into how the indoor space will be imagined and how the environment will be set around the screen with an enclosed indoor space.

Software used

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe illustrator